Keepsakes & Tributes

We work with Thumbies® to help you create keepsakes of the people you love and the times you want to remember.

Artisans combine cutting-edge technology and the ancient art of lost-wax casting to capture the intricate detail present in each unique print. The finished pieces are ever so touchable, making real our memories at each stage of life’s cycle.

Each piece is custom and are offered in a wide range of sizes, metals, and shapes -- bracelets, necklaces, charms, dog tags, rings, cuff links, earrings, pocket knives, money clips, key rings, etc.

The standard charms include two lines of engraving with up to 10 characters and spaces per line. An optional third line of engraving may be purchased. If you stop by, we can provide you with a catalog of all the available options.

We also offer Buddies™ Keepsakes that preserve your beloved pet’s print in a variety of options.

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